What’s the difference between Launch i-TPMS and TSGUN TPMS tool?

launch itpms vs tsgun

The latest Launch X431 i-TPMS in 2024 can program the LAUNCH LTR RF sensor unlimited times to replace the OE sensor. So what is the difference between i-TPMS and the old TSGUN product?

To be honest, functionally it is the same. But TSGUN must be combined with Launch X431 scanners to perform TPMS function. The device itself is not working. But i-TPMS will combine with Launch X431 scanners. It also works standalone via i-TPMS app .

launch itpms vs tsgun

TSGUN is positioned as an accessory for the LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool, while i-TPMS is more like an independent TPMS tool.


Scan QR code here to download i-TPMS App for Android ONLY

For Android system smartphone user, scan the following QR code or the QR code on the back of the i-TPMS device to download and install the i-TPMS app on the phone.

Launch iTPMS app


Launch i-TPMS mobile APP Function:

Brand new mode, combined with i-TPMS mobile APP can

Replace the tire pressure sensor

Activate sensor

Program sensor ID

Query sensor OE part number

Generate tire pressure detection reports, etc.

Launch iTPMS connection


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