Launch X431 August 2023 Software Upgrade: Support Land Rover L460/L461

launch x431 update

Introducing the Launch X431 Software Update of August 14th, 2023. This latest upgrade brings enhanced capabilities to an array of passenger vehicles and heavy-duty models. Notably, the software now offers comprehensive support for Land Rover L460 and L461, enabling diagnosis for the 2022MY and 2023MY respectively.

Among its enhancements are 29 special functions catering to various car models since 2017 vehicles, spanning features like odometer calibration, fuel pump tests, and more. Furthermore, the update addresses previous issues with functions for 2010-20 16 models, ensuring an optimized and robust experience .

This comprehensive upgrade showcases Launch X431’s commitment to evolving automotive diagnostic capabilities.

The following is the specific update log:


Passenger Vehicle Software
Compatible devices: Launch X431 series V, V+, Pro3S+, Pro Elite, Pro5, Pros V1.0, PAD V, PAD VII etc.

Upgraded basic functions for 27 car models

Added support for diagnosis of 2022MY L460 and 2023MY L461.
Added the following:
29 special functions for car models as of 2017:
gasoline high pressure fuel pump test, odometer calibration, Telematics control module battery replacement reset, SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) emptying, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) preprocessing, reset diesel exhaust fluid mass sensor monitoring;
Optimized the VIN input page.
Fixed the Security – Immobilization Set-up function for all 2010-2016 models.
Rectified the multimedia gateway system communication failure for some 2021-2023 models.

Added Online Special Functions For 2011-2023 Models. Optimized The Software Structure.

Heavy duty Software Update
Compatible device: HD III, SmartLink C V2.0

Fixed the issue of abnormal refresh errors in fault codes and special function interfaces.

Add diagnosis function for AG RALE model engine system, after-treatment system, transmission system and brake system.

Optimize the structure of the software.

Added VOLKSWAGEN diagnostic software includes truck models:
Constellation series (euro 3, euro 5),
Delivery series (euro 3, euro 5),
Meteor series (euro 5),
Worker series (euro 3, euro 4, euro 5).
Add VOLKSWAGEN diagnostic software includes bus models Crafter series, Volksbus series (euro 3, euro 4, euro 5).

launch x431 update

launch x431 update


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