Launch X431 DBScar 5 vs DBScar VII

dbscar vii

What’s the difference between Launch X431 DBScar 5 and DBScar VII Bluetooth adapter?


DBScar V:  The DBscar 5 won’t support CAN FD nor DoIP protocol

dbscar v

DBScar VII supports CAN FD and DoIP protocols. DBScar 7 is faster and more stable. It supports Xdiag/Diagzone/XPRO5 software activation from 3rd party.

dbscar vii

Scanners that come with DBScar 5 adapters:

Launch X431 Pro Mini, Pros Mini, X431 V, X431 V+, X431 Pro3S+


Scanners that come with DBScar 7 adapters:

CRP919E BT (GL/EU UK Version), CRP919X BT (GL/EU UK Version), Pro3 APEX, ProS V5.0, IMMO Plus, IMMO Elite.



For CRP919X BT, CRP919E BT scanners they have built-in CAN FD protocols, but don’t have DoIP protocol.

You will also need a DoIP cable to diagnose Volvo JLR BMW DoIP models.


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