Comparing LAUNCH Creader 3001 and AD310/AL319 code reader

LAUNCH Creader 3001 Table

When it comes to car scanners, the LAUNCH Creader 3001 and the AD310/al319 code reader are both popular choices. They both have the ability to work on a majority of 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based, and Asian cars. They can handle tasks such as checking the engine light, conducting the I/M monitor readiness test, viewing live data, viewing freeze frame data, reading and clearing codes, and viewing vehicle information.


However, the LAUNCH Creader 3001 truly stands out with its additional functions. It has the capacity to perform O2 Sensor tests, Evap system tests, and On-Board monitor test functions, which gives it an edge over the others. This added functionality allows for a more in-depth analysis and diagnosis of potential issues.

This chart lists and compares the functions of four vehicle readers, LAUNCH Creader 3001, AD310, AL319, AL519:

LAUNCH Creader 3001 Table

In conclusion, while both the LAUNCH Creader 3001 and the AD310/al319 code reader offer valuable features, the Creader 3001‘s enhanced capabilities make it a more comprehensive and potentially more useful tool for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. It’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements when choosing between these two options, but if you’re looking for a scanner with more advanced functions, the 3001 might be the way to go.

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