How to Check Launch X431 Motorcycle Coverage?


1. How to Add Motorcycle diagnostic software to Launch X431?

Directly purchase Motorcycle software on “Mall”

BMW Motor $44.6
Harley Davidson Motor $44.6
Honda Motor $44.6
Kawasaki Motor $44.6
Suzuki Motor $44.6
Yamaha Motor $44.6

(more brands to come)

*Diagnostics function ONLY. Cannot do programming function.
launch x431 motorcycle software

2. What X431 tool can i add Motorcycle software?

Compatible with all new X431 tablets: Launch X431 V, X431 V+, Pros V1.0, PROS V5.0Pro3s+Pro5, PAD V, PAD VII etc


3. How to check Motorcycle coverage?

Check motorcycle function and coverage here:

launch x431 motorcycle list

4. Do i need extra Motorcycle adapters for Launch X431?

Yes, motorcycle has different diagnostic adapters, Launch X431 has released Euro V and VII adapters for motors. Motor adapters will soon be available on


5. Example: diagnose a Harley Davidson XL1200 Sportster with Launch X-431 PAD V.



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