LAUNCH CRP919E BT user experience: functions meet needs

LAUNCH CRP919E BT User Feedback

LAUNCH CRP919E BT is an excellent diagnostic tool with extensive capabilities, same as X431 PRO3S+ / X431 V 4.0 / X431 PRO ELITE. Do these functions of LAUNCH CRP919E BT work as expected? A user below shared his experience.

LAUNCH CRP919E BT User Feedback

Upon initial use, it impresses with its rapid autoscan feature, quickly identifying the vehicle and detecting modules. It communicates with all vehicle modules, offering comprehensive diagnostics beyond just engine or transmission concerns. For instance, it successfully interacts with the vehicle’s door modules or alarm module for diagnostics, resets, and accessing live data.

The process from power-on to displaying a list of modules and generating a health scan report takes approximately 90 seconds for most vehicles, outperforming many competitors in speed.

The design of the screen and user interface is fairly intuitive, with a touch screen that remains responsive even when wearing gloves. However you may need to hunt around for specific functions as certain vehicles have some of the features in random sub-menus.

It offers the ability to view live data either as text and numbers or graphically, supporting up to eight graphing items simultaneously. Updates to the GUI is around twice per second, which is adequate for most uses, although direct sensor probing with an oscilloscope might be necessary for very rapid data changes.

LAUNCH CRP919E BT User Feedback


CRP919 provides an impressive range of bidirectional controls, including module resets, adaptation resets, and actuation tests. This is especially beneficial for those specializing in DPF repairs, featuring capabilities like forced regeneration and resets for the particle filter learned values, pressure sensors, and more, covering various modules including the gearbox/clutch, MAF, EGR, and O2 sensors.

The bidirectional controls are somewhat dependent on the vehicle it is connected to, as certain brands add more features than others. Generally this enables the operation of nearly any solenoid or control function in the vehicle. It aids in resolving engine issues by allowing for cylinder deactivation and fuel injector control, which is especially helpful for diagnosing misfires.

A Bluetooth dongle connects the device to the diagnostic port, enhancing usability by allowing you to move freely around the vehicle with the tablet during diagnostics.

In summary, this device is highly effective and offers great value for money. Higher models mainly add a larger screen and network topology features. If those aren’t necessary for your needs, this diagnostic tool represents a more cost-effective choice.

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