LAUNCH X431 IMMO function upgrade log: Adds 2022-2023 Ford Edge Escape IMMO

Launch X431 software update for maserati

The latest software upgrade for the LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool, released on September 7, 2023, brings several notable enhancements for users. Among these, the standout feature is the addition of the “2022-2023 Ford Edge Escape IMMO Matching Function.”

This addition ensures that LAUNCH X431 remains at the front of diagnostic tools, providing up-to-date solutions for the latest vehicle models. It enables users to tackle security and immobilization issues effectively, enhancing their ability to service For and diagnose a wide range vehicles.

Here is the changelog for this release:
Fix problem of Key Programming and ECU Pairing.

Added external special function menu for models GHIBLI, QUATTROPORTE,LEVANTE, GRANTURISMO (GT) and GRECALE.

Optimized basic functions and special functions for systems (such as the BCM, PCM, ABS, and TCM) of 2018-2022 models.

Added IMMO Matching Function For Year 2022-2023 Escape (Asia), Corsair, F-Series Heavy Duty Trucks, Ford Edge, Nautilus Models.
Launch X431 software update for maserati

As can be found from the changelog above, in addition to the Ford-specific update, the latest release also includes improvements for other popular car brands, such as Maserati and Chrysler. For Maserati models (Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, Granturismo, and Grecale) , an external special function menu has been introduced, expanding the tool’s versatility and usability.

Furthermore, LAUNCH X431 has optimized basic and special functions for various systems in 2018-2022 Chrysler models, including the BCM, PCM, ABS, and TCM. This optimization enhances the overall performance and diagnostic capabilities when working on Chrysler vehic.

To access these exciting updates, users can renew their subscription card or upgrade directly from the LAUNCH X431 online mall. This ensures that your diagnostic tool remains equipped with the latest features and capabilities, empowering you to provide efficient and accurate automotive diagnostics.

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