Does Launch X-Prog3 Work with Diagzone Xdiag and Xpro5?



Does launch x431 x-prog3 immo programmer works with xdiag, prodiag, xpro5 or diagzone software activations?



Launch X431 Xprog3 (GIII) works with X-diag (via Bluetooth) and also with Diagzone (via Bluetooth and usb connection).
BUT Xdiag wont open generated Key file for Benz Key. Same problem with BMW Key. Prodiag cannot calculate It online. X-DIAG 3.14.057 can make online calculation with x-prog3 adapter . Updating till 7.0.001 not work all online function like Key calculation, coding etc. To work with xprog most stable Is x-diag .057, even if has Major bug in opening files.
It works with prodiag as well.  Prodiag provide usb connection with virtual comport.
It also work with Xpro5 too. Diagzone working online, Xpro5 work online too.
Some got both PAD VII and DBScar with Diagzone, they say x-prog3 with DZ are useless comparing PAD VII.
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