How to activate Launch X431 IMMO card

How to activate launch x431 immo card

Although the LAUNCH X431 series diagnostic tools (Pad VII, Pad V, Pro5) equipped with X-PROG3 have many programming software, they have fewer anti-theft functions than the X431 IMMO Plus / IMMO Elite.

If you want the same anti-theft function as X431 IMMO Plus or IMMO Elite, you need to activate the Launch X431 IMMO add Function.

How to activate launch x431 immo card

Function Description:

Anti-theft software card allows users to configure anti-theft software for their diagnostic scan tools. Enhanced anti-theft functions for vehicles will include anti-theft password reading, key matching, anti-theft ECU replacement, ECU cloning, and other functions.


Applicable Users:

Users with applicable diagnostic scan tools and X-PROG3 that support anti-theft functions for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche can purchase anti-theft software cards for over 100 other brands.

Users with only applicable diagnostic scan tools can purchase X-PROG3 and anti-theft software cards to support anti-theft functions for more than 100 brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.


Card Types:

X-431 IMMO Diagnostic Add-on Kit – 2 Years Purchase, XNR-SS442-2

X-431 IMMO Diagnosis Add-On Kit – 1 Year Renewal, XNR-SS442


Applicable Products:

X431 Pad VII + XPROG3

X431 Pad V + XPROG3

X431 PRO3 + XPROG3


X431 PRO5 + XPROG3

FYI: To use remote/transponder cloning/generation functions, you should have Launch X431 key programmer add-on modules.

How to activate launch x431 immo card

Procedure of Activation:

1. Enter the mall and select Activation/Renewal of IMMO Vehicle Software.

How to activate launch x431 immo card


2. Select Subscription Renewal Card Pay in the lower right corner.

How to activate launch x431 immo card


3. Enter the 24-digit card password to activate.

How to activate launch x431 immo card


4. After activation, you can enter the software update center to update the anti-theft software with the anti-theft label “_IMMO“.

How to activate launch x431 immo card


5. After the upgrade, enter the vehicle diagnosis page, and you can see that an IMMO function module has been added, and the anti-theft software of each car system is below.

How to activate launch x431 immo card


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