Launch CRP919E BT vs Autel MK808BT Pro Review

launch x431 crp919ebt

Launch CRP919E BT and Autel MK808BT Pro Bluetooth bi-directional scanner which is better for DIYers?


Here comes honest review from one of the‘s customers.


“I recently returned the AUTEL MK808BT PRO because I encountered some issues during my one month of usage. Firstly, the battery would drain very quickly, often going from 100% to 50% in less than 2 hours. This was quite frustrating for me. Secondly, the user interface was not intuitive and difficult to navigate. Additionally, the Autel MK808BT PRO does not have the coding function that I needed as a used car dealer. Since I often handle repairs and reconditioning myself, and assist customers in changing modules and car parts, having a coding function is crucial for me.
So I decide to purchase the LAUNCH X431 CRP919E BT Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool and I regret not buying it earlier. I had the opportunity to code a new TCM for a customer’s GM car yesterday and it worked flawlessly. It surpasses my old GM Tech 2 . I can program modules, keys, and key fobs with ease.

This scan tool is one of the best I have ever used. The Android 10.0 tablet is fast, the text and graphics are clear, and the overall experience is much better compared to my old scan tool. The bidirectional control capability is absolutely essential for accurate diagnosis.

The number of PIDs available is quite impressive on the few cars I tested it on, ranging from 2001 to 2014. It helped me diagnose a problem with a transmission code where this tool showed me all the data that my other, cheaper scan tool (different brand) did not show. This is how I knew I had to replace the ECU.


The things that are important and that stand out:
– Bi-directional capabilities
– Access to so many modules
– Displays the car’s battery voltage at the top right
– Great customer service through email (they are located in China I believe)
– It’s Wireless so you don’t have to be in the driver seat at all times
– Long battery life
– Feels solid with a good case
– You can download apps from the Google Playstore
– You can view data numerically or by graph (you can also combine the graphs)
– The touchscreen is good and responsive
– It can easily switch from Imperial to Metric
– You can screenshot and screen record
– It can rotate (you can disable it also)
– It has a rear camera to record as well
– Auto VIN worked for me
– For the most part it needs internet access to use from your router/modem or personal hotspot.
– It runs on Android 10″

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