LAUNCH Smartlink Remote Diagnosis FAQs: Activation, Payment Methods

LAUNCH Smartlink

LAUNCH Smartlink currently has two types: Smartlink C and Smartlink B. This article will explain how to purchase and activate the Smartlink remote diagnostic function.

LAUNCH Smartlink

Smartlink C:
There are two ways to use it: 1. Pay by time (in years); 2. Pay by the number of times used.

1. Pay by time
The validity period is 1 year. After expiration, you need to pay again to renew. You can also change to charging by number of times after expiration.

2. Charge by number of times used
Purchase a remote diagnosis activation card, which contains 3 remote connection times and is valid for 1 year. If it is not used up within 1 year, the times will be invalid.

After the number of remote connections is exhausted, you can also switch to charging by time.


Smartlink B:
There is only one way to use it: pay by time;
The validity period is 1 year, and you need to pay again to renew after expiration.


Regional restrictions:
Regional control is performed by judging the network IP connected to smartlink.
1. When there is no regional restriction: a remote connection can be established between smartlink B and smartlink C;
2. When there is a regional restriction: a remote connection cannot be established between smartlink B and smartlink C, and [IP restriction] will be prompted during remote connection;

Tier 1 United States, Canada, Mexico Restrict IP, not open yet
Tier 2 Australia, Brazil, Japan It involves patent fees and is not available for the time being.
Tier 3 United Kingdom, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland and Slovenia Available
Tier 4 Other areas not mentioned Available


1. The countries to which each category belongs are only the current statistics, and there may be changes in the future.
2. The United States in the table includes the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico


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