LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 IMMO License: Things to note before purchasing

LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 with Smartbox VCI

The LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 is a versatile car diagnostic device used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. For those interested in performing advanced key programming, such as disabling lost keys or adding new ones, activating the IMMO package is essential.

LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 with Smartbox VCI

Configuring for IMMO Functionality:

To enable advanced key programming on the LAUNCH X431 PRO 5, users need to activate the IMMO package. This package includes Anti-theft Matching (IMMO Service), which allows users to disable lost keys to prevent vehicle theft and add new keys as needed.


Understanding the Device:

The LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 comes in two versions: one equipped with Smartbox VCI for models produced before 2024, and the other with Smartlink VCI for models produced after 2024. The distinction is crucial, as it determines the type of accessories required for connectivity and functionality.

Smartbox vs Smartlink

Considerations When Purchasing IMMO Software License:

For PRO 5 with Smartbox VCI: Users need to ensure they have the necessary TYPE C to USB cable for connection. If not included, this cable must be acquired separately.

Note: LAUNCH does not sell the TYPE C to USB cable required for Smartbox VCI connectivity. Users may need to source this cable from third-party vendors.

LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 with Smartbox VCI

For PRO 5 with Smartlink VCI: No additional cables are required.

LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 IMMO Function Activation Service can be purchased in the “MALL” option of the device, or through the following link:

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