LAUNCH X431 December Update: Toyota, Tesla, Fiat Enhancements

launch x431 update FIAT V38

LAUNCH X431 Professional Diagnostics latest software update in December. TOYOTA V50.90 introduces specialized features for Toyota vehicles, including key registration and sensor adjustments. Tesla V10.30 brings LAN functions with radar calibration and maintenance mode entry. Fiat V38.10 expands its coverage with basic functions and actuation tests for various models, optimizing the user interface for enhanced usability.

View the detailed log below:

Added special functions of ECU Communication ID Registration, Key Code Registration and Wireless Code Registration for Toyota 86.
Added special functions of New registration of the keyfree key for Toyota Avanza, Wigo, Rush Mid and more models.
Added special functions of ID Registration/Tire Number Registration, Torque Sensor Adjustment, Initialization, Battery Diagnosis, Height Sensor Initialization and more for Toyota and Lexus.

TESLA V10.30
Added the following special functions of LAN functions for model 3, model S, model X, and model Y: radar calibration instrument panel, TESLA air suspension calibration P2, rear drive unit replacement, DAS (Driver Assistance System) tools.
Added the prompt of manually unlocking the gateway for model 3, model S, model X, and model Y.
Added the ‘enter the maintenance mode’ and related actuation tests for Model S/X Terga model processor (up to March 2018).

launch x431 update Toyota V50


FIAT V38.10
Added basic functions and actuation test for models such as 500x 2019-2022, Ducato 2014 and Stelvio 2019-2020 etc;
Added special functions such as Control unit replacement, Injector replacement (per bank) and EGR learning etc. for 2014Ducato;
Added special functions such as Brake Pads/Discs Substitution, Ecu Replacement and EPB motor substitution etc. for 2022 Tonale;
Optimized interface of the input box.

launch x431 update FIAT V38

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