Launch X431 Diagnostic software update: Adds support for Volvo and LYNK & CO till 2023

launch x431 volvo update

Launch X431 Diagnostic software update September 27, 2023. Get the new vehicle coverage & functionality.

launch x431 volvo update

VOLVO V44.75
Added VOLVO C40 model.
Added vehicle data stream, actuation test function for VOLVO 2021-2023 full models.
Added diesel engine special functions for VOLVO 2021-2023 models.
Added LYNK & CO 2020-2023 year 01,02,03,09 model, 2019-2023 year 05 model.
Added multiple commonly-used special function LYNK&CO 2021-2023.
Added POLESTAR subsidiary software.
Added DOIP communication method for new vehicle model.

HD.EONE V10.03
New Special Function Auto Search added.

Added Quick Entry For Commonly Used Special Functions.

Added diagnosis function for MARINER POWER model engine system.

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