LAUNCH X431 diagnostic software upgrade: GM V49.60, VW V29.02

launch x431 update_GM_VW

LAUNCH X431 diagnostic software new upgrades on May 22, 2024: GM V49.60, VW V29.02. The following is the detailed update log.


GM V49.60
Completed vehicle model information from 2010 to 2024.
Added basic function, actuation test and special function for a total of 5 models, including Trax, Spin, Max under Chevrolet in 2025, Escalade IQ, CT5 under Cadillac.


VW V29.02
Added fault repair function for some DTCs.
Added trailer matching and ABS bleeding function in special functions;
optimized guidance function and ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System) calibration function for some models of VW.

launch x431 update_GM_VW

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