Launch X431 or Autel MaxiSys for Maserati Diagnosis?

Launch X431 V+ & XPROG3

Launch X431 or Autel MaxiSys which is a better diagnostic scanner for Maserati vehicles?


Autel don’t have have anything for 2019+ Maserati. Maxisys reads all pre-2019 models.

I have a 2012 GTS and an Autel MX808. I have never been able to communicate effectively with Autel.

The Autel 800 and 900 units not having the Maserati option- but only under the service icon… it does have Maserati under the diagnostics icon, and allows you to run a fairly complete test.

It’s depend for do what and for wich car !

MS906 is not better choice.

  • For Maserati, X431 is better for Maserati. By example, no DEIS function on Autel.
  • For 4200 & GS, Autel has poor ECU coverage.

If you want stay with Autel, take MS908S PRO or higher, not MS906.


See vehicle coverage, you won’t choose Autel.

Check Launch X431 Maserati coverage:

Launch X431 supports Maserati till year 2021.

launch x431 maserati

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