LAUNCH X431 Pro series competition: PRO3 APEX vs PRO TT vs PRO5

LAUNCH X431 Pro5

LAUNCH X431 has released several new tools in the X431 Pro series. This article will compare the differences between LAUNCH X431 Pro5, LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX, and LAUNCH X431 Pro TT.


Parameter LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX LAUNCH X431 Pro5 LAUNCH X431 Pro TT
Image X431 PRO3 APEX LAUNCH X431 PRO5_smartlink X431 PRO TT
Updates 2 Years Free Update 2 Years Free Update 2 Years Free Update
Bi-Directional Control Complete Complete Complete
ECU Coding
BMW/BENZ Online Coding × ×
VAG Boot Function
FCA AutoAuth
Car Brands Coverage 150+ brands 150+ brands 100+ brands
Expansion Modules Support Yes Yes Yes
Language Support Free in 25 languages 24 Languages 22 Languages
Tablet Size 10-inch 10.1-inch 8 inches
System Version Android 10.0 Android 9.0 Android 10
CPU Version 2.0GHz 4-core 8-Core 1.8GHz 2.0GHz 4-core
Storage 64GB 64G 64GB
Battery Capacity 6300mAh 7.6V 7000mAh/3.8v 6300mAh 7.6V
Camera Rear 8 Million Pixels Rear 8.0 MP/ Front 5.0 MP Rear 800W
Wi-Fi Network 2.4 & 5 GHz 2.4 & 5 GHz 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual Band
Diagnostic Connector DBSCAR VII (CANFD & DOIP) SmartBox VCI/Bluetooth DBSCAR VII (CANFD & DOIP)
Modules Support VSP600, BST-360, etc. VSP600, BST-360, etc. VSP600, BST-360, etc.
X-PROG 3 Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Truck diagnostics Yes, Need HD3 module Yes NO
Special Reset Service Func. 38+ Kinds 50+ Kinds 38+ Kinds


From the list:

X431 Pro5 has the largest number of reset functions among the three products, and supports truck diagnosis (no additional charge).  Pro5 can do built-in BMW and Benz online programming.
Smartlink can be used as J2534 passthru device for OEM online programming. PRO TT and APEX don’t do programming.

LAUNCH X431 PRO5_smartlinkC


X431 PRO3 APEX screen size is larger than the Pro TT and supports more vehicles, and one thing not mentioned in the table is that the PRO3 APEX supports the developed topology map function, which can directly access all systems, check module communication status.
And X431 PRO3 APEX can support truck diagnosis with HD3 module, but PRO TT does not have this function.



X431 Pro TT has good hardware configuration, but the screen size is small, and its functions and expansion modules are lacking compared to the other two products. But relatively, the price of Pro TT is the cheapest among the three products.



These three products are applicable to the Launch X431 update service policy, which provides two years of free updates. The price list from high to low is LAUNCH X431 Pro5, X431 PRO3 APEX, and X431 Pro TT.

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