LAUNCH X431 software update: add function for Honda, Mazda and Sprinter

LAUNCH X431 software update-add function for Honda, Mazda and Sprinter

LAUNCH X431 new software updates for HONDA,MAZDA and SPRINTER. From optimized structures to added functions.
Check more details and update your software now to extend your diagnostic functions.

HONDA V49.00
Optimized software structure, optimized DTC, data stream and special function for some system, updated oil manual reset, Lanewatch operation procedure, fixed ADAS calibration.

MAZDA V43.60
Added the Injection Amount Correction function in diesel-series Engine Checks for MAZDA3, MAZDA6, CX-3, and CX-5 as of 2012.

Added data stream, actuation test and special functions for some systems of 447, 907 and 639 chassis and fixed some problems.

launch x431 update_honda-mazda-sprinter

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