LAUNCH X431 diagnostic software upgrade: new features for Audi and Mazda vehicles

launch x431 mazda audi update

The March update of LAUNCH X431 diagnostic software is for Audi and Mazda vehicles, adding support for 2022-2023 vehicles. The following is the detailed update content:


AUDI V29.00
Added the fault guiding functions, guided functions and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) function for some 2022-2023 Audi models.

Added basic functions and special functions for systems of most 2022-2023 models.

Updated the data for performing the functions Read Data Streams, Basic Configuration, Matching, Actuation Test, Login, and Coding by Channel Number.

Added the troubleshooting function for some DTCs.

Optimized the data of online coding online safety login, and online programming.

Optimized the fault guiding system scanning and picture display.

Optimized the system model identification for some special functions.

Optimized the SFD (vehicle diagnosis protectiont activation function.

Optimized the special functions such as air suspension matching and personalization setting.

Fixed the data stream reading bug in the nitric oxide catalyst emergency regeneration function.


MAZDA V43.70
Added basic functions for MAZDA2 models after 2022

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