LAUNCH X431 software update: Nissan, HD_PACCAR, HD_CATERPILLAR add special functions

launch update NISSAN V45.50

LAUNCH-X431 update: NISSAN V45.50 adds Venucia model features, 230 Nissan tests, ADAS tweaks. HD_PACCAR V11.30 introduces PCI-2, PCI-UDS, Traxon functions, DTCs, and parameters updates. HD_CATERPILLAR V11.90 adds 16 features like DPF reset. The following is the detailed update content:


Added special function and code setup function for Venucia model;
added a total of 230 actuation test and special function for Nissan models;
optimized service reset function; optimized ADAS function.


Added Actuation Test Functions And Special Functions For PCI-2 System, Parameters for PCI-UDS System, Special Functions For Traxon System.
Updated DTCs Lib For PCI-2 System, Parameters For PCI, Security Check For PCI-UDS.


Added 16 New Special Features, Including DPF Replacement And Reset, Oil Life Reset, And so on.

launch update NISSAN V45.50

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